Saturday, May 25 @ 9 am

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These are the Official Rules for the 2024 edition of the World Championship Old-time Piano Playing Contest and Festival. 

Note: *On Saturday, May 25, 2024 all contestants must draw for playing order at 8:00 a.m. in Rm. #153 of the Music Building. There will be no separate Contest for the Junior Division in 2024, rather, Junior, Regular and Senior contestants will be mixed together in the Preliminary Round based on the morning draw of playing position.


* Note: Junior contestants should also read all of the Regular Division rules, as many apply to both divisions!

ELIGIBILITY: Junior contestants are defined as those 18-years-of-age or under on the day of competition. Any contestant winning the Junior Division a total of three (3) times (not necessarily in consecutive years) may no longer compete in the Junior Division. However, the age requirement will be waived for them, and they may then compete in the Regular Division.

FORMAT: Up to ten (10) Junior Division contestants play on Saturday and the Junior Division champ will be announced at the close of the Preliminary Round. Each Junior Division contestant must prepare two (2)  selections, but are not required to play mandatory standard tunes or comply with the “theme selection” as required in the Regular Division.

PRIZES: The Junior Champion will be awarded a prize of $1,000 and a permanent trophy. A second-place prize of $750 and third-place prize of $500 will also be awarded. The Junior Division champion is traditionally invited to make a special appearance Sunday afternoon to play a tune on stage prior to the beginning of the competitions.

TIME LIMIT: A total of eight (8) minutes playing time is allowed for each contestant’s performance of both their tunes (not including time for audience applause, interview time with the emcee, etc.). The penalty for playing in excess of the time limit prescribed is five (5) points for each 30 seconds, or fraction thereof, of overtime.

ENTRY FEE: The entry fee for the Junior Division is $50 with a penalty fee for late entry $25. This entry fee is not refundable unless the contest is canceled.

PARENTAL CONSENTContestants in the Junior Division must have their entry confirmed by a parent or guardian by means of a separate email to the Contest Director at [email protected].

Questions about the rules or repertoire selections? Contact the Contest Coordinator Adam Swanson at [email protected].

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