2020 Registered Contestants


Note:  Due to time constraints, strict limits have been placed on the number of entries for each contest, however, these may be adjusted at any time at the discretion of the Artistic Director.

Junior Division (limit 10)

  1. Elan Feldhake, Mascoutah IL
  2. John Beggs, Madison FL
  3. Kelton Boblits, Edmond WV
  4. John Patrick Hutchison, Rockingham NC

Regular Division (limit 14)

  1. Florian Kunzi, Geneva CH
  2. David Leinweber, Oxford GA
  3. Michael Drexler, New York NY
  4. Paul Stewart, Greensboro NC
  5. Jackson Carruthers, Canal Fulton OH
  6. Russell Wilson, Berwyn Heights MD
  7. Paul Orsi, Mission Viejo CA
  8. Dylan Swayzee, Littlestown PA
  9. Angela Triandafillou Jones, East Windsor NJ
  10. Bill Edwards, Ashburn VA

Senior Division (limit 6)  

  1. Bobby van Deusen, Pensacola FL
  2. Diana Stein, Memphis TN
  3. Tim Barton, Hainesville, IL
  4. Larry Wade, Decatur IL

New Rag Contest (limit 12)  – FULL! 

  1. David Leinweber, Oxford GA
  2. Michael Drexler, New York NY
  3. Thomas Spowart, Goole UK
  4. William McHarris, East Lansing MI
  5. Michael Coleman, Pensacola FL
  6. Edward Maraga, Los Angeles CA
  7. Paul Orsi, Mission Viejo CA
  8. Kelton Boblits, Edmond WV
  9. Thomas Lakeland, Cannock GB
  10. Rick Dexel, Flint MI
  11. Ron Pufall, Friendship WI
  12. Richie Bliesener, Burlington IA

Performers … Be sure to bring CD’s to sell!