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The Duet Contest usually transpires during our Friday after-hours event and is spontaneous in nature. Pre-registration is not required to participate but the rules that have been tailored to this event must be followed and are listed below.

ELIGIBILITY:  Contestants of any age are eligible to compete.

ENTRY FEE:  The entry fee is $30/each for two players competing on two pianos or both on a single piano. This entry fee is not refundable unless the contest is canceled. NOTE: An individual may collaborate in only ONE pairing. Limit is 10 pairings for this contest.

TIME LIMIT:  A five-minute time limit applies from a tune’s start to finish.

PRIZE:  The winning pair will receive trophies and 50% of the money paid for entry fees and ballots. The piano contest will retain the other 50% for its operating account.

SPECIFICATIONS: Any tune played must be written prior to 1940.

JUDGING: For a $5.00 charge, spectators may purchase an official ballot to vote for a single duo. There are no official judges for this event; the audience picks the winner!

ENTRY DEADLINE:  Entries will be accepted up until the start of this event if not all ten (10) spots are filled, and the contest may adjust the schedule to allow more entries if warranted.

ENTRY SUBMISSION: Questions about the rules or repertoire selections? Contact the Contest Coordinator Faye Ballard.  On-line entries will be instantly processed and assure registration. Mailed entries are subject to delays, and no entry will be considered official until the appropriate fee is received, with checks made out to the University of Mississippi – May Piano Contest. Mailed entries should be sent to World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest, University of Mississippi Dept. of Music, PO Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848.

Entries made on-line or by mail need only name the two piano players on the entry form and need not reveal their musical selection, which will be played on one or two pianos without other instrumental or vocal accompaniment.

2019 Online Entry Form